Security at Flow

We take security seriously here at Flow, and we are proud to exceed the industry standard when it comes to protecting your organization.

Security Features

Encryption on Device

Encryption on Server

Encryption on Storage Disks

Complete SSL encryption

Encryption on Device

Every app built with Flow uses best standards to protect data on the user's devices. We have platform specific best authentication practices so that your user's data is always safe.

Less email. More productive. Our customers see an average 48.6% reduction in internal email.

Encryption on Server

All our servers run behind proven security environments and firewalls. We also have a rigorous update methods in place. That means we update any vulnerabilities and threats as soon as they are released.

Encryption on Storage Disks

All the data clusters run on industry standard hardware encrypted storage devices. We have multiple levels of data masking so that your data never gets into the wrong hands.

We also have multiple data backup systems replicating every record across multiple storage centers.

Encryption on the Wire

Every connection to our service uses industry standard SSL protection allowing any information over the wire to secure transfer.

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